unspecified-1Adopt-A-Block is a coalition or partnership comprised of local churches, city government, the police department, community services and businesses working together to bring restoration to our inner cities, block by block.

The purpose is to “adopt” an entire city block with all its residents, providing assistance and a diversity of opportunities to improve living conditions. Clothing and food is made available. Job counseling and placement, housing improvements, educational opportunities, drug counseling, sports programs and many other services are offered. Personal care is given to all residents as local churches welcome new members into their congregations. The end result is a community that has new hope and renewed self-worth and purpose.

It is the conviction of Adopt-A-Block that the only way to bring true and lasting restoration to an individual and his community is to minister to the “whole” individual. Man is tri-part in nature, made in the image of God. In order to effect genuine change, the body, soul and spirit must be given deliberate, individual attention. To put in similar context, man’s spiritual, physical and mental needs must all be addressed.

City government with all its programs and agencies alone cannot bring restoration to our cities. At best, even the most efficient and innovative programs have seen marginal success. The police department and affiliated law enforcement agencies do not have the ability to bring change. Education has been an important part in the remedy but, again, is unable to stand independent against the epidemic growth of despair in our cities.

The churches of our cities must arise and meet the challenge set before them. It is only the church that has the wisdom, power and resources to bring deliverance and true restoration to our cities.

For too long, the true, biblical “full Gospel” has been neglected by the church of Jesus Christ. The commission of the church is to not only preach salvation and deliverance unto the captives, but also to clothe the naked, feed the hungry and give shelter to the homeless.

One of the keys to success is in the churches of a given locale working together to win back their communities. Psalm 133 declares that where God is, leaders and people dwell and work together in unity, there “God commands His blessing.”

In essence, the strategy of Adopt-A-Block is to systematically recover our cities, block by block. A block is invaded and conquered. Then, that block is occupied or “adopted”. Once the block has been secured and in the process of restoration, a new block is identified and the process is repeated. This strategy continues until an entire city or district is restored.

It is absolutely imperative to identify and employ all the key ingredients of the coalition. The working partnership of the government, private and business sector and, most importantly, the leadership of the church will forge an irresistible force against the strongholds that have held our cities.