A Can Can Make A Difference

On January 23, 1992 war was declared on hunger in Maryland. A Can Can Make A Difference (CCMAD) is the largest food distribution agency in Maryland that gives all of its food away for free! We never charge anyone! To date we have distributed over 40 million pounds of food to families in need. CCMAD serves many agencies, including shelters, soup kitchens, churches, and local food pantries. CCMAD is actively seeking new partners to donate food or serve as local food distribution partners. If you business or agency is interested in partnering with CCMAD, please contact our office at 410-665-5595.

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Adopt-A-Block Events

Join us for our Annual Turkey Drive on Saturday, November 9th and Saturday, November 16th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Shoppers Supermarket inside the Perring Parkway Shopping Center. Join us as we raise awareness about hunger. We will collect turkeys and non-perishable food items to help eliminate hunger in our state. We will also host our 29th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday, November 22nd at the Oliver Recreation Center to help feed the homeless during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Donations towards these events are always welcome! Visit our donate button!

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Compassion Commission

Adopt-A-Block will give away its 17th home to veterans and their families in Baltimore who have never owned a home through its' Compassion Commission Project. Compassion Commission is a youth-led building initiative to help rebuild and restore our communities. Local teens and youth ages 11 to 17 from around the region gather in Baltimore, MD every July to rebuild a home for a family in need and complete acts of service throughout the community. Compassion Commission has a profound impact on both the teens who serve and the residents of the community who benefit from their acts of kindness.

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Our Mission

Adopt-A-Block is a coalition or partnership comprised of local churches, city government, the police department, community services and businesses working together to bring restoration to our inner cities, block by block. The purpose is to “adopt” an entire city block with all its residents, providing assistance and a diversity of opportunities to improve living conditions.…