One Block at a Time

One Block at a Time

One Block at a TimeOne Block at a TimeOne Block at a Time

A nonprofit food pantry and veteran home giveaway bringing restoration to our inner city, block by block.

About Us

Our Team


Adopt-A-Block, Inc is a nonprofit coalition composed of local businesses, churches, the City Police Department, City Government, community associations, service and health agencies, and residents working together with the CCMAD food pantry and Compassion Commission veteran home giveaway to bring restoration to our inner city – block by block. 

Our History


Since 1992, Adopt-A-Block, Inc. as a nonprofit organization has worked in Baltimore and around the globe to provide for those in need. Providing truck loads of building materials after Hurricane Katrina, providing milk to schools in Baltimore City through the food pantry, relief supplies during Hurricane Sandy, a veteran home giveaway for over 17 years, and jobs and health services every summer during our block parties in Baltimore.

Our Mission


Effectively meet the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical needs of individuals, families, and communities.

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It is only through the generous support of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals that we are able to continue to serve as a food pantry and conduct our annual veteran home giveaway as avenues to help transform lives.

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